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As newsletter lovers, we thought that the experience of writing, sending, and reading them was far from the best. After creating products for companies like Forbes, the BBC or Condé Nast in the past, we thought we could give it a try.
Newsletters are our most powerful tool
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Content creators, from big to small, increasingly invest on tools to own their audience. We created EditorClub so you can, without previous knowledge, compose beautiful content and grow your audience. Whether you live off memberships or advertising, it takes seconds to get started.
Build your brand
Get a magazine-like design in seconds. Differentiate yourself and add value by personalizing down to the last detail.
Import & Monetize
Become independent and turn your passion into your business in minutes.
Offer your readers the ability to pay every month to enjoy your content.
Forget about the tedious back and forth with your advertisers thanks to our unique ad tool.
World-class delivery
EditorClub is powered by the same delivery technology trusted by the New York Times, Medium, The Verge, Netflix, Twitter's Revue, or Substack.
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Focused writing
The best content is created without distractions. That’s why we designed everything around our powerful yet simple editor.
Email? Blog? Both
EditorClub offers you the best of both worlds. Just write and decide if you want to send by email or post to your always synced, professional blog.
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Any questions? Just ask!
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EditorClub is the easiest and most visual way to create your online publication. It’s free until you reach 100 subscribers, and just $9/month after.